Residential Security

Keeping your home secure is what we are all about. we can fit a huge range of products to keep you and your family and special treasure safe.

Below are a few ideas for you to think about for your home.

Window Stays Provide the ability to still use your windows for ventalation, they are great as they can also be released to fully open your windows

Window Restrictors are another product that allows you to open your windows for ventalation, however these are secured permanently, great for if you have large opening windows and little ones running around.

endevEndevour products can be retrofitted onto older sliding doors providing a up to date solutions for less secure sliding door solutions. They are Designed to go on the door, rather than in the aluminum frame, enabling the to suit a wide range of applications.

Pinning in ActionMaster keying or Keying alike isnt just for Commercial situations, we can key alike your house so you have one key for all doors, making fumbling for the right key while your hands are full of groceries a thing of the past. We could also Master Key your house, for instance a meter reader key that will only open the basement and not the entire house.

Photo 23-01-15 08 06 16Padlocks for your shed, gate or man-cave/garage, no longer have to be on a small key, these ABUS high security Titalium (an Alloy of Aluminum and Titanium) padlocks are a cost effective alternative to solid brass Re-Keyable padlocks.